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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 3, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the girl's father in his home yesterday afternoon. they were in her bedroom, 8 dead of gunshot wounds. -- bedroom, dead of gunshot wounds. the high school was closed for elections. the can't comprehend why the couple would take such drastic action. >> there are so many people that care for them. >> he was a loving big brother to younger brothers. he had aspirations to go to juilliard. off-camera, the father said he can't understand why it would happen. neighbors say she was a polite, consider a girl. >> nobody picked up on it, and it is too late. >> the step father says he had taken at his younger brother trick or treating and come home to hand out and beat -- handout
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can be to kids. -- candy to kids. >> forest park high school was closed today, but it will be open tomorrow. grief counselors will be there to help with the aftermath. new at 5:00, the man that has been handing out bread with no questions asked for 22 years is being told to stop by city leaders. sam ford is live with more. >> for decades, people have come to know is dark to get free bread for themselves or elderly orto noah's ark -- tcom toe to noah's ark. it was run by one man and his unemployment check.
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leo woodson distributed free bread on the street. they padlocked them out yesterday at city inspectors threatened the church which violates -- with violations. >> they said we were not supposed to be on the street. >> he uses his own environment -- retirement money to rent this truck. they give him free bread for the needy. >> we are in a recession. >> this is desperately needy. >> groups come and leave the nation's if they have it. >> everybody is taking money out of their pockets to pay for the gas and the food. >> he has asked the mayor to help find him a place. when we asked the mayor about the group -- >> we do not know anything about
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the issue or the people. >> it is like he took a knife and stabbed it into the back of us poor people that are struggling to make it in d.c. for a community with so many people -- >> it is a struggle, but is there. >> it is a great need. they're going to be hungry because they do not have the means to provide for their families. >> he rathe program for six years. he said he ran it from other facilities around the city for 16 years before that. at this point, this is all they have and he does not know how long they're going to be able to make it. he is hoping that the city or someone will provide them a building so he can keep distributing free bread to the needy. reporting live from northeast washington, sam four, abc 7 -- sam ford, abc 7 news.
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>> they investigated after receiving a complaint from the community. the department is working with them to try to resolve the situation. new at 5:00, coming in for a cold night out. chief meteorologist the deal is here with a first look at the forecast. -- doug hill is here. >> let's get a look at the frost advisory. it goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. north and west of the district. eastern maryland, arlington county is not included. we have been watching a few clouds mix in with the sun during the day. the skies will clear and temperatures will tank. mostly in the 50 posing near 60. -- and 50's near 60.
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those are running in the '20s. that shows you the direction that the temperatures will fall tonight. it is an easy call for areas of frost as we had to the late night and over nine hours. we will get into the weekend in a couple of minutes. don't forget to check the weather section of before you go out tonight. you can get a forecast and a look at temperatures outside. in maryland man is pleading guilty to a spreading oil in hopes of making police cars wreck along an exit ramp of interstate 270. authorities say that he had a vendetta against police for traffic violations in 2007. attorneys for the convicted spy perk -- sniper are trying to stop the execution with an
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appeal tthe u.s. supreme court. he is scheduled to die by lethal injection on november 10. matt meyers is one of 10 people shot dead in 2002. it good news for the center for -- from the center for disease control today. the h1n1 vaccine is back on track and ready to be shipped. people not need to worry about the swine flu vaccine. people that receive the vaccine say is both safe and effective. health officials are reporting that pregnant women are seeing the results from a single dose of the swine flu vaccine. approximately 100 pregnant women participated in the trial study. 90% showed a robust immune response and no side effects. a slot casino could be
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coming to the international airport. a company has been offered to sell 50 acres of plan -- of land. the council is considering a couple of zoning bills. it is election day and battleground virginia, the highest profile race for governor with republican bob mcdonnell. creigh deeds voted at his home. he has been touting his support of barack obama and "the washington post." we are live in arlington where voters have been casting their ballots all along. >> things are beginning to pick up a little bit as people are getting off of work and coming to the polls to vote. turnout throughout the state for a lot of folks, so far, has been
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disappointing. >> nothing is going to keep coming out to vote? >> not even the kids. >> people just don' think that is that important. it is our governor we're voting for. >> this man voted in alexandria. there is a nice sized crowd, but he is disappointed more people are not turning outhe vote. -- out to vote. >> [unintelligible] >> both gubernatorial candidates say that turnout is critical. he has been following the race very carefully and education is the most important issue. >> when i listened to the debate, [unintelligible] >> virginia has voted in every election during her adult life. >> my mother was swedish.
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i know how important it is to vote. there is a man there who could not speak english, and he is obviously going to vote. >> of voter turnout is moderate at best during a critical period right now. the polls close at 7:00. >> virginians are also electing a new lieutenant governor, attorney general, and all 100 seats in the house of delegates. we will have all the results online. and a full report tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. a popular restaurant owner is found killed inside of his home. why police say it does not look like an accident. >> and an entire ice cream cake in one sitting? a local woman lost more than 300 pounds. >> for the first time, the rihanna opens up about the abuse
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e suffered at the hands of chris brown. >> i have been symptom free. i have energy. very little pain. -- pain beyond what people my age would normally have. >> and the new drug that age would normally have. >> and the new drug that promises to bring
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lupus is a painful disease that affects 5 million americans. >> there has been no treatment for the last half century, but that can soon change with -- soon change. >> a local company has created a new drug. for sufferers that includes 73,000 here in the metro area, it signals a new hope. she was diagnosed with lupus five years ago and has struggled with joint pain and chronic exhaustion. >> you just can't get through your day. and when you have a flair, at least for me, i could not walk. >> the busy mother of two teenagers was excited to hear about a breakthrough and treatments that affects 5 million americans h
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human genome scientists create a new drug called benlista. it has no side effects and has been a long time coming. >> there is a realistic probability that the first to approve the drug for lupus and over 50 years will be good for the patients. >> until now, they have had few options. a drug that some cannot tolerate, steroids, or aspirin. she swears by it. >> i have basically been symptom free. i have energy, very little pain beyond what anybody my age would normally have. >> it has made a difference? >> it has been a miracle. >> there is a new manufacturing plant and marketed worldwide.
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human genome scientists plan to file fda approval of the first half of next year. if approved, the drug that is administered monthly using an ivy trip could hit the market by the end of 2010. -- an i.v. drip could hit the market by the end of 2010. >> you can cut our website for more information. -- for more information at police show what they believe the missing girl would look today at age 6. this is whi might look like if she was living in northern africa which is a possibility. she was taken from her hotel during a family vacation in portugal. police help these new images will collect the conscience of somebody that it up -- that abducted her.
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a man was nearly pulled overboard by record catch while fishing. he was fishing 60 miles offshore near the baltimore canyon when this 62 lb this his line. -- fish bit his line. kenya imagined pulling the board? >> no. that is a major catch. we have frost possibly, tonight. out west, we will see what happens. temperatures are still in the 60's. it temperatures are going to tank later on tonight. let's look at a couple of locations and kick up the animation from the rooftop camera in arlington. areas of low fog around the
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camera, the sun came up during the day. it turned into a bright sunny day and the cold front moved through. we have some layers of high- level cloudiness. once the clouds move out and the winds diminish, temperatures are going to fall. 65 was the high earlier. 57 degrees in leesburg. look at the dew point temperature. at the air is very dry with the wind coming down. 56 and a high of 63. the wind starts to come down as well. it will give us a very chilly night and widespread frost in the morning. they're under frost advisory from 1:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. areas south of washington, notable exceptions arlington county. and once you cross the bay, there are advisory's for frost
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in effect on the eastern shore of maryland. it is the first frost advisory we will be dealing with. clear and cold as the story overnight tonight. 32-40 degrees. a very chilly start. for the moment, still very pleasant. 64 at the naval air station. a little cooler north and west. at 59 in hagerstown and winchester. these are just average afternoon temperatures for cities like pittsburgh. a little bit warmer than average for this time of year if you go to southbound virginia and north carolina. cooler air is on the way. another cold front is developing to the north and west. a brief sprinkle in a few spots, but after that, a warmup might come by the weekend. very pleasant autumn weather
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well next -- while we had to the next four or five days. the next batch may bring a sprinkle or so on thursday morning. a lot of sunshine as a high- pressure texas through the next couple of days. the whole east coast has sensational plot -- autumn weather. moisture is going to be lacking, but it may be enough to get it through the night. by early thursday morning, sunshine and a nice warmup expected over the weekend. as the cold front moves off on thursday, the pressure center will develop. behind that, it will dri chilly wind and temperatures. there may be a substantial stone showers in the mountains of new england. here is your expressed tonight. clear, closer to 40 in the suburbs.
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by the morning, 32-40. but the afternoon, amid 50's. sunny and chile on friday. check the weekend. monday and tuesday, 50's at 60's. good stuff. i like it. an nba player from maryland is facing charges of carrying a loaded handgun and a shotgun while speeding on the beltway from police. we're live with more from it -- on the story. >> from the cleveland cavaliers, he was arrested back in september charged with only two gun crimes. today, he has been indicted with a number of charges, bringing the number to eight. he is a star in the nba, a teammate of lebron james and shaquille o'neal. he is convicted on the charges
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-- if he isconvicted, he will be headed to prison. >> he faces three years for each count. >> police pulled him over for reckless driving and speeding on the beltway. he was riding a motorcycle like this one. it is alleged to is carrying an arsenal of weapons including a loaded 357 magnum revolver, a loaded 9 millimeter beretta pistol and an 8.5 inch knife. there is a pistol gripped 12 gauge shotgun and 112 rounds of ammunition inside of a guitar case on his back. >> too many people are carrying guns illegally. we have ramped up prosecutions on guns. >> motive is not addressed in the indictment. we have learned that when arrested, he was not carrying
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identification. his wallet only had a photo of himself as a child with his mother. the woman is identified it as a member of the west family and declined to comment today. a father in a previous newspaper said that the weapons were for self-defense. >> i know what his father said in the paper, but it is something we take seriously. >> he restaurant owner is found dead in her home. tonight, friends tell us why she will be missed.
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>> this local woman -- hear her secret for losing hundreds of pounds. secret for losing hundreds of pounds. >> and singer rihanna announcer: the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, so why does the journey from where you are to where you want to be have to go through alassroom? it doesn't. from correspondence courses to online platforms, like the graduate school's gs connect, distance education has always helped people on the go, go further. the courses you need, available on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. great moments begin at the graduate school. learn more. visit...
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pop singer rihanna is finding a new voice after her boyfriend attacked her. she is breaking her silence talking to diane sawyer and glamour magazine.
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she is using her voice to speak to the hidden faces of domestic violence. when she is not posing on the red carpet and talking about her musical performances -- >> i am a little anxious. i will probably get nervous a little bit before. >> she is setting a new fashion trend when talking about her fight with domestic violence that earned her the title of "woman of the year." she is finally talking to abc's diane sawyer about what happened with chris brown last february. bro has apologized and pleading guilty to assault. in an interview with "glamour," she talks about the pictures that released. she says that she went to sleep as rihanna an as pretty spears.
5:27 pm
that was the level of attention she got. she wants to send a message by speaking out. she told the magazine, i want to give as much insight because i feel like i represent the voice that isn't relievers. i can help speak for those women. there is a new release of her newest music video. she has put everything she has been willing to say into her music. you can see diane sawyer's interview. coming up, airlines part of a crunch this holiday. why you will be paying more for air flight. and color softball players lost in the wilderness. -- and college softball players lost in the wilderness. it
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captioned by the national captioning institute halloween night ended in murder for one district woman. who would want to strangle her? we're live in northwest washington with the story. >> she under restaurant in northwest d.c. her employees are huddled inside, grappling with the reality.
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and that of dancing led to murder. >> she was a wonderful person, eager to please everybody. friends and family are struggling to comprehend why anyone would harm 38-year-ld woman. he found her lifeless body inside a for northwest d.c. apartment. someone strangled her. friends say that amaya loved to dance. she went out to celebrate halloween saturday night. she did not have on a costume when they found her body. >> i did not know what to say. >> her brother bought the restaurant several years ago, and she became a fixture of the neighborhood. -i don't believe it. -- >> i don't believe it.
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>> neighbors hope for a quick arrest. >> there are all kinds of people in here. >> investigators say there is no obvious sign of forced entry. they're looking at several scenarios, including the possibility that she did not know her killer. four students will be charged in the sexual assault of a classmate. the attack was reported last tuesday. police say that three suspects, three juvenile boys and one adult man -- formal charges are now pending. nearly two dozen parents have died in a fire in rock hill that broke out on a 500 block of the street. some residents were trying to go back into the house to rescue the birds.
5:33 pm
firefighters told the people to stay out and got a fire under control and 30 minutes. five people have been displaced. demolition work is underway to make room for a laboratory in the district. ec officials selected turner for the contract. the state of the art research facility will serve d.c. police and the department of health and the office of the medical examiner. many maryland communities will be holding elections for city council and mayoral positions tonight. one of the closely watched races is in greenbelt. >> sharon cast her vote today, hoping to help elect a least one minority candidate to city council. >> i agree with what their goals are.
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>> if one or both of the two minority candidates comping wan, it will be a first in as prince george's community. the nearly 21,000 residents are represented by an all white city council. nearly half of the city is black. >> people who are black have not run for city council more often in the past. i hope they will in the future. -they can do that -- >> they can do the job. >> only to have run before, none have been iraq -- not have been elected. they increase our region and voter education in areas and with a high proportion of minority voters. they are vying for votes. dorothy brown says that she chose one of them, but not because of his race. i like what a person does, not necessarily because of their
5:35 pm
skin. >> not everyone did their part. while residents say they do not like the city council is all white, but they have no plans to do anything about it. >> there is too much going on. >> they say that is a shame. >> someone has to really care enough about it. >> the polls close at 8:00 p.m.. >> we will have results of elections around the country later this evening on it will also have a full report for you at abc news at 11:00. tonight, v's prevent themselves for a world -- to the world. >> i don't understand. >> you seem to be what we consider attractive. >> thank you. you're not so bad yourself.
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>> see what all the buzz is about witthe premier of "v" tonight. now is your chance to win a trip to see opened in chicago every day -- in chicago. every day, we will give you a code word. when you have both coach words, enter them at you need to be a member of abc 7's fan club, so sign up for free at >> what can be the key word for traffic tonight? the word would be "slow." a very slow pace in each direction on the beltway. this is north of the american legion bridge. it is going both directions near rte. 7. headlights coming toward us,
5:37 pm
across the legion bridge near tyson's and and and they'll -- anondale, nothing reported in the way. traffic is moving away bumper- to-bumper near college park and silver spring. up on 270, northbound on montgomery village avenue is very slow. even the service road as you head up toward germantown. all lanes are open over on connecticut avenue, north of faw road. -- fall road. obviously not doing too much traffic. near pentagon and past the fourteenth street bridge, that has been closed. that is near the third street tunnel. but the pace is very slow on 395. still to come, before and
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after. a local woman shares her secrets for losing more than 300 pounds. >> and police and friends join in the desperate search for >> and police and friends join in the desperate search for three college students pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding!
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breaking news coming in from louisiana where someone -- at the justice of the piece had refused to marry an interracial couple. he has resigned. they were remarried by another justice of the peace. the couple filed a civil rights the search is on tonight for three college softball players the disappear somewhere in north dakota. >> will live in the satellite center with word from police. >> many people are worried about the girl's right now because the last time anybody heard from them was through a phone call and the line went dead. a search is underway for the three dickinson state university softball players. they disappeared sunday night while they were out stargazing.
5:42 pm
>> we're trying to target the area, and the area we think they might be and. >> just before midnight, one of the young women called a friend asking for help. she heard hysterical noises and something about water before the phone went dead. >> there was nothing to indicate there was an assailant. it comes across sounding more like an accident of some kind. >> investigators are still looking for the 1997 jeep cherokee that the women were driving. they are praying for the three young women. >> authorities say there have been unconfirmed sightings since the frantic phone call was made. at this point, they don't think foul play was involved. it up next, -- up next,
5:43 pm
flying out for the holidays just got a little expensive. >> you stop caring. >> the amazing story of a woman >> you stop caring. >> the amazing story of a woman gaining and losing more
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i have been waiting for this all afternoon. the amazing battle with weight. along the way, she lost more than 300 pounds and is now proudly giving it up. >> sheet 8 10,000 calories a day. she could eat an entire dairy queen ice-cream cake in one setting. >> it is tiring, but inspirational just to watch. >> here i go. >> she pushes, lunges, runs, it keeps going. she has a personal trainer, working out two hours a day. >> you have to want it bad enough. >> at 35 years old, she is in
5:47 pm
peak physical content -- a condition. she meets the goals because the weight of her past is too much to bear. 4.5 years ago, this was any barnes, tipping the scale at nearly 500 pounds. >> youet to be 490 pounds because he stopped caring. >> her story is a battle of leaving behind dieting and leaving an abusive relationship. >> over the course of that relationship, i gained a lot of weight. food was my comfort. food controls may, beyond a shadow of a doubt. >> it got to her physically and emotionally. >> he almost killed me several times.
5:48 pm
my kids or my salvation. i knew that i had to stay alive for them. >> she finally hit rock bottom and it became the turning point in her life. she was done with the abuse, the fat diet, and getting ready to be mentally and physically healthy. >> i lost the first hundred pounds and my living room. >> she started by walking, running, getting off the couch. it took five years, but she lost 300 pounds -- 340 pounds and is on the cover of "off the couch" magazine. >> i am trying to break the 150 mark. >> she is in control today. >> i don't eat to live anymore -- i don't live to eat anymore, i eat a live. -- eat to live. >> competing on stage is part of
5:49 pm
her secret to success. this weekend, she will realize that dream. if you want to see a sample of what she used to eat, " go to our web site, >> amazing. she is definitely not eating the ice cream cakes anymore. >> not anymore. >> she lost the weight the right way and keeping it off. >> congratulations. what is coming up at 6:00? >> gordon peterson has a look ahead. >> our election coverage continues at 6:00 with more from the candidates and the voters. you have heard a secret shoppers? what about secret hand washing monitors. the steps of people are taking to make sure that doctors and nurses state germfree. and 50 more speed cameras coming your road near you. see you at 6:00. >> just what the doctor ordered.
5:50 pm
all set for the weather. >> what is it looking like for this evening? is very mild compared to 12 hours from now. we will see a big change overnight as the clouds clear and the temperatures bottom out. let's go up to the rooftop here. another fine look at the camera located at the moon. 15-20 miles an hour. skies continue to stay clear and the wind diminishes. that is when temperatures will drop and we're set up for the possibility of cross around the viewing area this morning. 53 in frederick, 57 alexandria. 57 degrees -- and temperatures are cooler the further west you go. the number on the right is the true measure of moisture in the air. that tells us there is an excellent chance we will have
5:51 pm
frost around the area tomorrow. we will check a map and show you a frost advisory from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 and. exceptions are arlington and the district. the rest over along the shores on chesapeake bay -- a high pressure moving in with a beautiful day tomorrow. another front will comment thursday morning early with a couple of sprinkles. -- will come in thursday morning early with a couple of sprinkles. look at the weekend. right now, everything set for sunshine and a nice warming trend for saturday and sunday. that is the latest. we will have more coming up shortly. >> do you havto keep saying frost? listen. have you ever seen them during the season? dan snyder made a public appearance today at a redskins
5:52 pm
charity event. he talked with us afterwards and was apologetic about the season. this afternoon, the redskins' owner dan snyder was cheered. a far cry it -- a far cry from the late this treatment he ha been getting -- from the latest treatment he has been getting. >> we are disappointed and embarrassed, hoping to get it going soon. >> he was at the high school, the charitable foundation helping to maintain high school fields in prince george's county. he became -- even very rare -- he gave a very rare interview. >> we know that. we are apologetic. we think we should have won. >> he has been tarred and #one
5:53 pm
-- when asked what is next, snyder would not give them. >> the next step is monday. we hope we can put together a good opponent and start a winning streak. >> we will have more coming up at 6:00. alex will miss three games with his body strain. he will not be sidelined more than two weeks. while he could play this weekend, nobody is really talkin about what the injury is. here is what he said when we caught up with him after practice. >> it is one game. we will see. day to day, week t week, -- to week, month to month.
5:54 pm
>> more questions than answers right now. >> what does upper body straining to you? >> i have no clue. i think it was in his shoulder, and more severe than they were letting on. he had an nra -- an mri yesterday.
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it if you're planning to go somewhere this holiday season, put some extra money in your budget. >> of the hated surcharges are going up as much as $20 per flight. >> it will actually be $20 per trip. that is one way each way. many of the passengers were absolutely amazed, saying this is another exorbitant fee that the airlines are sticking them with. the bridge that less flights will take off because passengers will refuse to pay up.
5:58 pm
her wallet took a hit because of her luggage. >> i had to pay $90 because i am 4 pounds over. >> there is another search out rigid surcharge coming up. -- there is another surcharge coming up. it was originally $10 each way during christmas. but if he was double the $20 each way. they say the need is -- the fee is needed to meet peak demands. she travels to see her grandkids and the d.c. area. she paid extra to check back. when she returns, she will have to add the surcharge to her travel bill. >> you have to stop and think about it more. it takes away from the fund. -- fun. >> is about 100 extra pounds of
5:59 pm
stuff. when it comes to an extra charge, it gets pretty painful. >> they think the holiday fee will backfire. >> they're going to be hurting for money regardless? >> i think it will make it worse. >> the holiday surcharge was also needed because they also try to keep up with competition. pasngers are asking what happened to complementary? >> complementary went out of town a long time ago. coming your way at 6:00, it is election day, and all eyes are on virginia to see if the commonwealth will turn red once again. and the new steps helping keep you healthy. live, in hd.
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lawsuit against him.


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